In the world of branding, colours are a big deal. They shape how people see your brand, evoke feelings and make a lasting impression. But what if you're planning to design logos and want to customize them to match your garment's colours, especially when those colours might not be found in the usual colour charts like Pantone?

Blending Colours Seamlessly with Your Textiles

Here's the challenge: Creating logos that seamlessly blend with your unique fabric's palette, ensuring a connection between your brand and your clothing. This is where dekoGraphics comes in. We're experts in transforming your fabric's unique colour into a reality for your brand, precisely matching the colours of the heat transfer logos to your garments.

Starting the Journey: Discovering Your Special Colour

dekoGraphics Colour Matching Heat Transfer Logos Start Analysis

Our journey with clients looking for custom heat transfer logo colours begins with a simple but important step – looking closely at the colour you have in mind. This is the moment where you set the stage for your brand's transformation.

dekoGraphics Colour Matching Heat Transfer Logos Examination

We understand that colours are crucial to defining your brand's identity, that's why we analyze each shade to ensure precision. To start this process, providing us with the respective fabric or garment is essential.

Mixing the Perfect Shade

dekoGraphics Colour Matching Heat Transfer Logos Mixing Colours

Matching colours is an art. At dekoGraphics, we dive into the complex process of mixing inks and pigments with great attention to detail. The goal is to recreate your brand's signature colour. This step is crucial because it helps us capture the essence of your brand's identity and uniqueness.

A Range of Options: The Colour Samples for Your Brand Story

dekoGraphics Colour Matching Heat Transfer Logos Colour Samples Overview

Visualizing colours is key and we prioritize this step. We create a range of colour samples, each sample serves as proof of our dedication and precision in creating the colour you desire.

Using a Spectrophotometer for Precision Colour Matching

dekoGraphics Colour Matching Heat Transfer Logos Spectrophotometer

In our mission for the perfect match for your special brand colour, we use an important tool called a spectrophotometer to analyze the various colour samples. But what exactly is a spectrophotometer?

How a Spectrophotometer Works: The Science Behind Perfect Matches

A spectrophotometer is a scientific device that plays a central role in our colour-matching process. It measures how much light is absorbed as it passes through a colour sample. This helps us measure the concentration of specific substances in the colour.

dekoGraphics Colour Matching Heat Transfers Spectrophotometer

For example, think of a colour sample like a filter for light. If it absorbs all the light we can see, it looks black. If it doesn't absorb any light and lets it all through, it looks white. The colours we see are a result of how light interacts with the sample.

Spectrophotometers use a prism to narrow down a specific range of light wavelengths. This precision allows us to filter out unwanted wavelengths and focus solely on the light that passes through your sample. This tool is at the core of our process, allowing us to understand the fine details of the colour we've created and helping us find the exact shade that matches your sample.

Your Brand Identity, Your Choice

dekoGraphics Colour Matching Heat Transfer Logos Selection

Depending on the results from the spectrophotometer, we might fine-tune and adjust the final colour samples. However, we understand that every individual sees colours differently. That's why we offer you a variety of colour samples, allowing you to select the one that aligns most closely with your vision for your brand. Your choice is a crucial part of the process, ensuring that the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Crafting Your Brand's Colour Story with dekoGraphics

We understand that your brand is unique and its colour should be a defining element. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with cutting-edge technology, allows us to meet your specific colour needs, even when they don't match Pantone standards.

Dedicated to Your Long-Term Success

Our journey doesn't end with selecting your desired colour sample. We're committed to ensuring your success by avoiding any issues during the implementation of your custom heat transfer logos. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Demonstrating Precise Colour Matching: The 1. FC Union Berlin Success Story

Experience our precise colour-matching process in action through a practical example: the successful collaboration with 1. FC Union Berlin during the launch of their original Champions League jersey. This success story showcases how our expertise ensured exact colour matching between the club logo, sponsorlogo, player numbers and the club's jersey colours. Discover more about this story by visiting the following link:

Success Story: 1. FC Union Berlin - Precision Heat Transfer Colour Matching

Avoiding Colour Mismatch

Don´t risk having heat transfer logos with colours that do not harmonize with your garments. Reach out to us today or simply fill out the form to receive a carefully crafted selection of colour samples.


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Explore the world of heat transfer embellishment with our dekoGraphics Digital Guide. See how we're empowering brands like yours. Subscribe for updates every two weeks on blog articles, success stories and products.




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