Ever found yourself in a situation where your kit supplier delivers nothing but blank jerseys, leaving you responsible for creating a design that stands out? We understand the challenge you face: 

How can you transform a standard off-the-shelf jersey from your kit supplier into a unique football shirt?

The Challenge of Blank Jerseys

A blank teamsport jersey lack the uniqueness that sets your team apart. This is where our custom football jersey design expertise comes in, aiming to transform generic, blank jerseys into eye-catching football shirts that give the impression of being tailor-made by renowned sports brands such as Nike, Puma, Jako or adidas.

Custom Football Jersey Design from dekoGraphics

From Design Concept to Unique Football Jerseys

Our designers work closely with you to bring your club's spirit, colours and story to life. Whether it's a bold logo, intricate patterns or unique typography, our design process ensures that your team's identity is perfectly showcased on every customer football jersey.

Custom Football Jersey Design

When it comes to blank jerseys intended for post-production design, there are four fundamental options: Sublimation, DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing, Debossing and Tone-on-Tone

Let's delve into the different techniques:

Option #1 | Sublimation
Custom Football Jersey Design Sublimation dekoGraphicsThis process is an effective way to display customized designs on a blank football jersey. It requires to print the design onto special sublimation paper and then applying the design under heat and pressure to bond with the fabric fibers. Sublimation is particularly ideal for light-coloured polyester jerseys, allowing for vibrant colours and intricate details. The technique seamlessly integrates the design with the fabric, providing a durable and high-quality result.

Option #2 | DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing

DTG Direct To Garment Printing dekoGraphics EF 2

Via this method the design is printed directly onto the fabric, ideal for multicolour prints with detailed CMYK or PANTONE precision. It is also suitable for dark jersey fabrics. This versatile technique ensures high-quality and vibrant designs on your jerseys.

Option #3 | Garment Debossing
Custom Football Jersey Design Garment Debossing dekoGraphicsGarment debossing enhances synthetic fabrics by applying a custom made design mark into the material using a CNC milled metal plate, heat and pressure, creating a 3D imprint without affecting the fabric's reverse side. This process is ideal for simple designs, offering permanent, washable and stylish results.

Option #4 | Tone-on-ToneCustom Football Jersey Design Tone On Tone dekoGraphics x Borussia Moenchengladbach Jersey BlackTone-on-tone garment embellishment offers a stylish approach, with the design not directly affecting the jersey fibers. Instead, it involves applying heat transfer logos in a tone-on-tone style directly onto the fabric. These techniques include matte and gloss effects, silicone heat transfer printing and hybrid logos. When applied within the colour family, these techniques provide unique and visually appealing statements on jerseys without compromising excitement or variety. For a closer look at how such a tone-on-tone jersey comes to life, feel free to explore the success story of Borussia Mönchengladbach and experience the transformation from a standard jersey to a stunning tone-on-tone collectors jersey:

Borussia M'Gladbach - Make a Statement with a Stunning Tone-on-Tone Jersey

Combining Techniques for Maximizing Impact: Crafting Unique Designs with Expert Guidance

Keep in mind that these techniques are not isolated choices – they can be combined for enhanced effects. Imagine a design with Debossing that elevates the appeal of a Tone-on-Tone jersey, introducing an extra layer of style. Our experts are available to offer guidance, discussing the pros and cons in detail during a personal consultation. We're here to assist by navigating you through the different options, finding a solution based on your specific needs and preferences.

dekoGraphics Custom Football Jersey Design

Explore Our Portfolio and Textile Printing Hub

As you consider the best-suited option among the four, rest assured that with our extensive product portfolio and our state-of-the-art textile embellishment department, we are fully equipped to implement any of the techniques seamlessly. Whether it's sublimation, DTG printing, debossing or tone-on-tone, our commitment is to work hand-in-hand with you, ensuring that your chosen method aligns perfectly with the unique vision of your club's jersey. 

Please be aware that Sublimation, DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing and Debossing techniques require handling in our internal textile printing department. This involves submitting the jerseys to us for a detailed application of these methods. Notably, this service is exclusively available at our headquarters in Germany and our branch in Italy.

Custom Football Jersey Design by dekoGraphics

Flexibility and Speed: Tailored Solutions for Football Clubs

We understand that time is crucial for football clubs. With extensive experience working with professional clubs, we ensure short delivery times and high flexibility. Our designers work efficiently, presenting drafts on time for your approval, ensuring a seamless design process. At the same time, our in-house textile printing department has sufficient capacities to execute large projects in the shortest possible time.

Names & Numbers: Personalized Precision

dekoGraphics Free Custom Design Services

Our attention to detail doesn't stop at the jersey itself; it extends to the Names & Numbers (N&N) font and design. Our designers create N&N designs that seamlessly blend with the jersey's overall look. At dekoGraphics, we offer advanced heat transfer techniques to bring your Names & Numbers to life, ensuring a unified look loved by fans and players alike.

Transparent Pricing: No Additional Costs for the Design Phase

We highlight that the design phase incurs no additional costs for your club. Costs are associated only with the chosen embellishment method, ensuring that your financial considerations remain clear and transparent.

Custom Football Jersey Design dekoGraphics

Unlocking Jersey Transformation: A Summary of Four Key Design Options

To summarize this article for you: When you want to transform a blank jersey into a unique and eye-catching football shirt, you have four key options—Sublimation, DTG Printing, Debossing and Tone-on-Tone. Each technique offers distinct advantages, from vibrant colours with Sublimation to detailed prints with DTG Printing and stylish 3D imprints with Debossing. These methods can also be combined for enhanced effects. With our in-house textile printing departments in Germany and Italy, we offer flexibility and speed.

Ready to Transform Your Jersey?

Contact us today to start the transformation, our team is here to bring your vision to life and take your club's identity to the next level.


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Explore the world of heat transfer embellishment with our dekoGraphics Digital Guide. See how we're empowering brands like yours. Subscribe for updates every two weeks on blog articles, success stories and products.




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