When it comes to heat transfer logos, one of the most common questions asked is:

"How much does a heat transfer cost?"

At dekoGraphics, we believe in providing transparent answers to all your questions, ensuring confidence in meeting your heat transfer needs. However, determining the exact cost of a heat transfer logo isn't a straightforward task, as it is influenced by various factors.

In this cost article, we will explore the key factors that impact the pricing of our heat transfer logos and shed light on our value-based pricing approach.

The Personalized Approach

We have over 30 years of experience creating some of the most unique heat transfer embellishments for leading sports, fashion and workwear brands. 

At dekoGraphics, every project is approached with a personalized mindset, where your unique needs and requirements take center stage. Our primary goal is to deliver the best possible service and create exceptional heat transfer logos that are tailor-made to fit your specific needs and budget. We understand that each customer is different and our commitment to customization ensures that you receive a heat transfer solution that perfectly matches your expectations.

The type of heat transfer logo you choose can significantly influence its pricing. Various factors come into play here, such as the type of fabric you plan to apply it on, the complexity of the design and the desired effect.

KEY FACTOR #1: Heat Transfer Technique

THE HOME OF HEAT TRANSFERS dekoGraphics heat transfer embellishment solutions

There are different heat transfer logo options available, offering unique features and benefits. Let's take a closer look at some of these techniques:

  • FLAT PU: Eco-friendly FLAT PU heat transfers are water-based PU logos. They are thin, stretchable, soft and highly durable. You can choose from metallic, matt gloss, temperature/UV/wet colour change effects to bio-based, glow in the dark, embroidery look and more.
  • 3D PU: High-quality 3D PU heat transfers achieve a prominent 3D look with optional thicknesses, sharp edges and excellent wash and abrasion resistance. They come with textured, glossy and metallic effects and anti-sublimation backing.
  • 3D HF TPU: These labels use high-frequency technology to create a metallic, 3D appearance. They are lightweight and come with multiple finishing options like metalized or matt base, reflective options, textured effects and anti-counterfeit UV prints for added security.
  • 3D SILICONE: These logos use innovative printing technologies with optional heights, rounded or sharp edges, available in glossy or matt gloss finishes, multi-level effects and the eco-friendly option of recycled silicone.
  • 3D FLOCK: Our 3D FLOCK labels use the LEXTRA® process, a unique screen print process of pre-dyed fibres, offering a soft velvet-like texture and hi-definition graphic effects. Choose from Lextra® Stretch, Lextra® 3D (Obitex/Satin) and Lextra® 4D (multi-color Obitex/Satin).
  • 3D EMBROIDERY: These transfers offer classic decorative embellishment without stitching, ensuring maximum comfort and no skin irritation. They also present possibilities of reflective/glow in the dark yarns/fabrics, high volume and chenille for distinctive textures.
  • 3D WOVEN: These heat transfer logos offer classic decorative embellishment without stitching, featuring high-definition graphics and transparent, textured, white, colored and rainbow reflectivity.
  • 3D LENTICULAR: The patented LENTEX® product creates the illusion of depth and motion through lenticular technology, including flip, morph, zoom, animate effects and fly-eye elements.

KEY FACTOR #2: Logo Execution

As you can see, there are different heat transfer logo options available and as each option offers unique features and benefits, it is challenging to provide exact pricing in this article. However, determining the cost of a heat transfer logo goes beyond just selecting the desired effects and finishes. 

Several factors related to the logo's execution and design complexity can impact the overall pricing. The size of the logo, whether it's flat or 3-dimensional, the number of colours required and the order quantity are some of the significant factors considered during pricing. Our experienced team can work closely with you to determine the best combination of elements that align with your budget and vision.

KEY FACTOR #3: Intended Use

Another key factor influencing the cost of a heat transfer logo is its intended application. Whether it's for professional football clubs looking to apply it on sublimated football jerseys, coated rain jackets, softshell jackets, training wear or other specific garments or for large fashion brands in search of brand logos or size code labels and corporate wear companies in need of certified reflective logos for safety vests or flame-resistant options, the intended use case plays a significant role in determining the price. 

We take the time to thoroughly discuss your needs and find the most suitable heat transfer solution for your unique application.

Customized Pricing for Customized Projects

At dekoGraphics, we believe in providing customized pricing, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment. Our pricing not only covers the physical production of the heat transfer logo but also a comprehensive package of services. 

From expert heat transfer knowledge and design support to innovative logo creation, we go the extra mile to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. Rest assured, there are no hidden fees to surprise you during the process.

Cost and Choice: What´s the Right For You?

The best and easiest way to know exactly how much a heat transfer for your specific design and project will cost is to schedule a meeting with one of our heat transfer experts or to fill out this form. However, when you know the factors that affect the cost of heat transfer logos, you can ask more informed questions to make a better-informed decision when the time comes.

As you continue to research heat transfers, here an article that can help you learn more before you decide on a specific technique:


And if you’re ready to discuss options specific to your project, we’re happy to meet! At dekoGraphics, your trust is our business. To us, this includes providing the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. We have the team to help you find the right heat transfer for you, your project and your budget.


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Explore the world of heat transfer embellishment with our dekoGraphics Digital Guide. See how we're empowering brands like yours. Subscribe for updates every two weeks on blog articles, success stories and products.




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